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Artist's Statement

I began The Crying Creatures, Series when I had to stay in bed but couldn't stop painting. I created a Fellini-esque world of folktales, fables, allegory and monstrous others from the visual languages of the esoteric, pre-Christian mythology and Italian Catholicism. At first the work appears naïve, but a longer look finds a complex art history mashup - medieval, folky and punk. Autobiographical elements mix with the fantastical, but let the viewer beware because sometimes the strangest things are true. 
People have called my work “edgy”“transgressive” and “risqué”. Another person said - "It looks like Caligula escaped hell and smashed his way into heaven" while someone else called me “...a truth speaker who provokes our inner Eros, and at the same time [makes] us think about social justice and the pathetic things humans do to feel good about themselves".
- Artist Statement, Tania Maria Mastroianni, February 2020.


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